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Welcome to our 'about us' page, where we want to share some information about what we do, and an insight about us!

We are a Sunshine Coast-based acoustic duo that offers live music and wedding entertainment at a range of places and venues.
Both passionate about music, we feel that we bring a unique and passionate atmosphere. Growing up being very musical, we have a lot of experience from a  very young age in the industry. 

Meeting early on in 2018, we knew that both being musicians it wouldn't take long for us to start playing together.

Josiah grew up in a very musically involved family and didn't lie far from the action. Playing amongst family bands such as 'Gerald' and other music groups, he knows the ins and outs well, not to mention being in his alternative rock band 'Chamber Lane', which has successfully headlined many shows in both QLD and NSW. 

Chloe, although the only musical one in the family, started singing lessons from a young age and knew her passion lay in the field of music. Being involved in primary through to high school music classes as well as extracurricular programs and singing competitions, she has a firm hand in the field and knows her way around the more academic side of the industry. Now studying for her Bachelor of Music, there's no doubt that the pathways created will make the world of music even bigger for her. 

Now, with 5 years of experience later, we've decided to take on the world of Live Music and Wedding Entertainment. 

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